80 Strand,
London, UK

80 Strand is a landmark Art Deco building occupying a prominent position on the River Thames between the Strand and Embankment. It features a series of new bespoke luminaires celebrating the building's heritage contributing to an elegant and contemporary working environment.
PDP London
Interior Design
Carter Owers
Landscape Architect
Andy Sturgeon
Custom Luminaires
Project Team
Keith Bradshaw, Jaime Fuentes McGreevy, Jungwon Jung, Marina Andronescu

We drew inspiration from lighting designs from the period and then streamlined and contemporised those ideas, carefully considering how each detail would integrate and respond to the unique features of each space. ”

Invited to redesign the lighting for linked communal spaces that cut through the Grade II listed building, Speirs Major's design centres around a series of custom statement lighting pieces. Drawing out key Art Deco characteristics such as geometric shapes, frames and grids and working with a balance of translucent and solid materials

Emerging into an internal courtyard, workers and visitors enter the building through a dramatic new glass entrance pavilion. Given that minimal quantities of natural light can penetrate this area, artificial lighting was crucial to a great first impression

In the double-height reception area, an arrangement of beautifully detailed fluted glass and bronze wall lights is followed by a series of suspended grid-patterned light boxes leading to the lift lobbies. 

Carefully positioned to reinforce the rhythm and geometry of the architecture, these details create a welcoming atmosphere and help visually define the different functional spaces, aiding wayfinding.

Hidden Garden

The journey continues into the upper level of the newly added Glasshouse Garden, a unique flexible breakout space located in a former light well. Double-height glass-framed spaces flank upper and lower corridors with vaulted ceilings, lit by warm custom spherical pendants.

With natural light unable to reach ground level, highlights to planting and uplighting to the facades and green walls create a soft surrounding glow. Additional task lighting helps shape a hospitable atmosphere for meeting, networking and socialising.

Creating a contemporary feel to the light by using a heritage features is not as easy as it sounds. We are really happy with the way the light looks within the art deco heritage of the building whilst providing a sharper, luxury feel for its re-energised image.”

From the lower corridor of the Glasshouse, a collonade leads out towards the Embankment entrance reception area. Original pendants, refurbished and upgraded, cast light onto the vaulted ceiling to keep this transition area feeling bright and spacious.

The entrance area was previously lit with an assortment of downlights and uplights that gave it a harsh yet flat appearance. Now, a neat bespoke lozenge-shaped light-box detail delivers a soft and welcoming quality of light while also acting as a beautiful feature detail of the ceiling.

New Art Deco

Interestingly, while the characteristic large glowing surfaces give the impression of creating a bright and airy space, in most cases, we also added subtle additional lighting to balance the composition and boost the light levels without detracting from the visual impact of the statement pieces.

This approach feels naturally harmonious with the heritage architecture and delivers a vibrant and contemporary office environment.