Arjun Mistry
    Project Designer

    I began my studies began at The Manchester School of Architecture and developed a keen interest in light art and temporary structures. I developed this interest going on to study Light & Lighting at the Bartlett School of Architecture where I leant to combine creativity with innovation. I received two scholarships to complete my Masters; the Llewlyn Davidson and the Bartlett Scholarship. I was also nominated for an award by The Worshipful Society of Lightmongers.

    I joined Speirs Major as a Project Design in 2022 and have worked on a variety of projects that exemplify the fusion of lighting and architecture. These projects have included a workplace and hospitality project in London as well as a lighting vision for a UK city.

    In my journey as a lighting designer, I have discovered my passion lies in projects where architects and interior designers are open to embracing lighting as a fundamental aspect of their creations. I relish the opportunity to suggest material and geometry changes that can elevate the lighting experience, resulting in spaces that are not only visually stunning but also functionally exceptional.