Who makes us unique?

    We attract idiosyncratic thinkers from many branches of design: lighting, architecture, interiors, product and media design - as well as from fine art and theatre. Much of the value we add to projects arises from ideas and solutions sparked between those creative and technical minds. Collaborating with like-minded people, and then communicating our ideas with clarity and passion, is what we love to do.

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    Previous Team Members (a-e):
    Kerem Asfuroglu, Youmna Abdallah, Colin Ball, Chris Beasley, Camille Benoit, Ray Bill, Jamie Dobson, Claudia Clements, Sarah Cockburn, Sandra Downie, Mark Drummond Johnson,
    Kay Flounders, Gavin Fraser, Reinhard Germer, Orestis Gkouvas, Elias Gomez, Andres Gonzalez Bode, Daniel Harvey, Ibrahim Hayle, Malcom Innes, Ting Ji, Laura Jones, Petra Kleegraffe,
    Veronika Lykou, Henrietta Lynch, Luciana Martinez, Francis, Milloy, Alan Mitchell, James Newton, Telli Nourkeyhani, Katja Nurminen, Michael O'Donnell, Azusa Ono, Gerrado Olvera,
    Orri Petursson, Gill Pyatt, Rose Richardson, Philipp Schmitz, Oscar Siame, Satu Streatfield, Lee Sweetman, Jennifer Tomkins, Sam Tuck, Rafael Turegano, Nils von Leeson, Jack Wates, Karolina Zielinska

    Partners Emeriti

    Jonathan Speirs
    Andrew Howis