Bruno Leung
    Project Designer

    I have always been captivated by the transformative power of light. I studied interior design at Birmingham City University and joined a seminar about lighting design and was inspired by the dramatic effect lighting can have on spaces.

    I joined Speirs Major in 2022 as a Project Designer and it's been an invaluable opportunity for me to further nurture my passion for lighting design and refine my skills. The most compelling aspect of working at Speirs Major is the emphasis on teamwork. I deeply appreciate the collaborative and supportive environment that characterizes our office. It's this synergy among colleagues that enables us to consistently deliver outstanding lighting solutions for our clients.

    I have worked on a diverse range of projects including a creative development in China and a heritage project in the Middle East. These projects have allowed me to blend my artistic creativity with technical expertise, resulting in immersive and memorable environments for guests.