Keith Bradshaw
    Senior Partner, CEO

    Keith Bradshaw is CEO and co-owner of Speirs Major. With more than two decades of project experience, Keith works internationally whilst based in the UK. His work is wide-ranging in type and scale encompassing lighting for architecture and urban design. The projects Keith leads are notable for their diversity of scale and type from civic buildings, boutique and commercial retail spaces, performance venues, public spaces, and commercial projects. 

    An education both fine art and architecture allowed Keith the opportunity to develop ideas where materials became less important than the atmosphere and experience of space: this led naturally to working with light. His passion and expertise in creating experiences for people through light is evident in the successful outcome of the projects.

    Keith was invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2013 for his work with light. He regularly publishes articles on light in architecture, sits on design juries and has been a keynote speaker at design conferences around the world. He has also lectured extensively and taught practical workshops to a range of students and fellow professionals.

    Keith has led many of the practice’s award winning international and UK projects, including 2 co-directed IALD Radiance Award winning projects – the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi in 2010 and In Lumine Tuo, Utrecht in 2014. The Lighting Design Award UK Practice of the Decade, awarded in 2012, recognised the achievements and aspirations of Speirs Major as an ambassador for lighting design.

    Keith formed Speirs Major in 2010 with Mark Major which grew out of Speirs and Major Associates. Speirs Major are recognised as being one of the world’s leading lighting design practices, using light and darkness to enhance the experience of the visual environment.