Zeyneb Onsiper
    Assistant Designer

    I hold a Bachelor degree in Interior Architecture from Bilkent University, Turkey, and a Master of Arts in Architecture and Historic Urban Environments from the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. My journey into the world of lighting design was sparked by a profound fascination with the transformative power of light. I was drawn to how light sculpts spaces in extraordinary ways, immediately and directly influencing people's awareness and their experiences within those spaces.

    In 2023, I embarked on a new chapter of my career at Speirs Major. What I particularly enjoy about working at Speirs Major is the dynamic and diverse nature of the projects we undertake. From crafting intricate luminaire designs to shaping the illumination of entire urban landscapes, every day brings new challenges and opportunities. The firm's expansive and multi-disciplinary design approach allows me to continuously push the boundaries of my creativity and expertise.